Sermons of Saint Alphonsus Liguori


Tribute to Saint Alphonsus

What makes his Writings such a Success, and the Secret-of their Charm, is the 'Conciseness', 'Clarity', 'Simplicity', 'Optimism' and 'Kindness' --- almost 'Tenderness'. Alphonsus excluded nobody from his Pastoral Zeal. He wrote to-All and for-All.

Just as the Laxity-of Confessors, makes-for the Ruin-of Souls, so also, Severity does much Evil. I Condemn Harshness which has no Justification, which Destroys, instead-of Building-up. One must be Full-of Gentleness and Charity, with Sinners. That was the Attitude-of Jesus Christ. And if we wish to lead Souls to God, and to Save them, we must Imitate Jesus Christ, the Greatest of all Missionaries.

by Pope John Paul the Great


Sermons of Saint Alphonsus Liguori

from the Transalpine Redemptorists

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Saint Alphonsus Ligouri, is the Founder-of the Redemptorist Order, Bishop, and Doctor of the Church.

Saint Francis Jerome, when he visited the Parents-of Saint Alphonsus, shortly after his birth, made this Prophecy: "This child will be Blessed with Length of Days; he shall not see Death, before his Ninetieth Year; he will be a Bishop, and will do great things for Jesus Christ". This Prophecy certainly came True. One of the most-accomplished of all the Saints, is Alphonsus Liguori. He was a Lawyer in both Civil and Church Law, before he dedicated his Whole Life to serving God. He was Founder of a Religious Order, Author of more than a Hundred (100) Books, Originator of Modern Moral Theology, renowned Preacher and Confessor, Bishop, Musical Composer and Painter. For all of his Ninety One (91) Years on Earth, he was also a Man of Prayer and Deep Personal Holiness. He gives an example-of True Christian Living, that all of us would do well to follow.

Alphonsus' views on Morality and the Mother of God, are Unmatched in History. His Gifts to the Church are Singular and Unique. His Writings on Mary are Masterpieces. His insight-into God's Law is Clear and Precise, for all to Understand. No other Doctor of the Church wrote more Books, or was more Particular-in his Devotion to Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. He lived to be the Oldest Doctor of the Church, and has an Eternal Message about God's Love for you. The Wisdom of this Holy Man has Guided and Fortified Catholics, for over Two Hundred (200) Years. No one can Read his Sermons with a Sincere Heart, without being Profoundly moved, to a greater Spiritual Life.


When we Pray, we speak-to God;
but when we Read, God speaks-to us.

In Prayer, God hears our Petitions,
but in Reading we listen-to His Voice.

Spiritual Reading and Prayer are the Arms by which
Hell is Conquered, and Paradise Won.


Nota Bene: Bible Verses quoted in these Sermons are from the English Douay-Rheims Translation, Commissioned by the Catholic Church.


On Avoiding the Occasion of Sin

On the Value of Time

On the Remorse of the Damned

On Scandal

On the Love of the Three Divine Persons for Man

On Holy Communion

On the General Judgment

On Obedience to Your Confessor

On the Conditions of Prayer

On Human Respect

On Conformity to the Will of God

On Charity to our Neighbor

On the Advantages of Tribulations

On The Means Necessary For Salvation

On the Love of Jesus Christ for us, and on our Obligations to Love Him

In What True Wisdom Consists

On the Malice of Mortal Sin

On the Confidence with which we ought to recommend ourselves to the Mother of God

Dangers to Eternal Salvation

On the Pains of Hell

On the Death of the Just

On the Importance of Salvation

On the Number of Sins Beyond Which God Pardons no more

On the Unhappy Life of Sinners

Delusions of Sinners

On Heaven

On Concealing Sins in Confession

On the Tender Compassion which Jesus Christ Entertains toward Sinners

On the Danger to which Tepidity exposes the Soul

On the Evil Effects of Bad Habits

On the Miserable State of Relapsing Sinners

On the Mercy of God toward Sinners

Death is Certain and Uncertain

On the Sin of Anger

On the Vanity of the World

On the Particular Judgment

On the Death of the Sinner

On the Practical Death

On the Efficacy and Necessity of Prayer

On the Vice of Speaking Immodestly

On the Abuse of Divine Mercy

On Avoiding Bad Company

All Ends, and soon Ends

On Impurity

On the Love of God

On Bad Thoughts

On the Pain of Loss which the Damned Suffer in Hell

On the Predominant Passion

On the Eternity of Hell

Straits and Anguish of Dying Christians who have been Negligent during Life about the Duties of their Religion

On Impenitence

On Blasphemy